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Traditional Foshan Wing Chun Kuen
Grandmaster Fok Chiu, is a native of Foshan, Guangdong Province. He moved to Hong Kong in the 1940s, he is 85 now. In his youth Grandmaster Fok studied Wing Chun under Leung Fook Cho, the grand student of Leung Jan. From Leung Fook Cho, he inherited all the forms, Butterfly Knife (Baat Jam Do) , Long Pole (Look Dim Boon Guan) and the Wooden Dummy (Mook Yan Jong) techniques. Fok furthered his Wing Chun tuition under the tutelage of Yiu Choi, one of the three heroes of Wing Chun (Yuen Kay Shan and Ip Man being the other two). Fok Chiu has always been low-key, never seeking fame or fortune, and definitely never one to show off. With the desire to pass the torch to future generations, Fok Chiu opened a club in Wong Tai Sin in the early 60s. His students have spread to America, Europe and Mainland China. It can be truly said that Fok Chiu’s students have spread to the four corners of the earth. Currently, Sifu Fok still tirelessly travels around. He regularly inspects his Wing Chun club in Gaoming, Foshan which he established years ago. In addition, Fok has also served as the director and consultant at the 24th and 25th annual meeting of the Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association. Sifu Fok Chiu, is sometimes called an ‘elder statesman of Wing Chun’ because he is the main lineage holder of Yiu Choi in Hong Kong, and has meticulously researched the 108 set Che Tsin Kuen (aka Chong Kuen) as handed down from Leung Fook Cho. The movements in this set are entirely for offence and is the distillation of all the movements in Wing Chun. This is a groundbreaking form which helps Wing Chun practitioners develop a deeper insight into the underlying principles guiding Wing Chun. Years ago Sifu Fok Chiu has incorporated Qi Gong into his Wing Chun for cultivating health and longevity. Practicing Wing Chun is suitable for senior citizens and for enthusiasts from all walks of life. In the United States, Grandmaster Fok Chiu is represented by his student John Jurewicz at their Newark Delaware location.
Back row third from left Yiu Kay, fifth from left Grandmaster Fok Chiu, far right, Kwok Sihing

Our Kwoon Lineage as written by Grandmaster Fok Chiu
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Class Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:30pm, every Friday at 6:30pm, every Saturday at 11:00am

Shortly About Us

John Jurewicz - Sifu

Grandmaster Fok Chiu has appointed John Jurewicz - Sifu as his foreign representative here in the USA. At a November 2011 "Bai Si" Tea Offering Ceremony, Grandmaster Fok adopted Sifu John as his son into the Fok (Leung Fook Cho and, Yiu Choi) Wing Chun Family. Sifu John frequently stays at Hong Kong's famous Nathan Road with Grandmaster Fok, as well as assisting with his travels to GuangDong FoShan GaoMing, GuangZhou, Zhang Mu Tou and, GuangXi GuiPing, Wing Chun Schools in Mainland China!

Grandmaster Fok, Sifu John and CC at our favorite restaurant, Nathan Rd. Hong Kong - May 2012

Wing Chun Family

June 2013, LATEST NEWS - Welcome Sifu Chun Hoy Fong (Amy Chun)! Grandmaster Fok Chiu has one female student that he has trained for 15 years and passed his Wing Chun System to. Her name is Chun Hoy Fong (Amy Chun) and she is now teaching FULL TIME here in our Newark Delaware school.

ShenZhen - December 2011